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In Memory of 'Big Neil'

Our heartfelt thoughts go out to the family and friends of 'Big Neil' Neil passed away on Friday 17th August, 2018 He will...


Event: 2018 GORBA Moyston Short Course

Location: Moyston more

Bid for a ride in the Penhall Diablo

Geelong Off Road Buggy Association  provided a unique opportunity to bid and win the chance to do a heat at the November 2015 event at the Geelong Motor Sports Complex at Avalon. 

It was in an actual race situation (not just a hot lap) as the Navigator with Tony Carabott in his Penhall Diablo Aussie spec Pro Buggy. This car puts out as much horsepower as a V8 Super Car.

The club were raising funds for the end of year presentation and awards night which included the Victorian Offroad presentations.

There was an Auction for each of the 4 Heats.

Our thanks to Tony for allowing this awesome opportunity.