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Event: 2018 GORBA Moyston Short Course

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Thank you to fellow Club Member David Davis

Date: 24th August 2017 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Our sincere thanks to the volunteers who gave their time to avail their services at the Moyston Working Bee weekend, held on the19th of August, 2017.

It involved ongoing track preparations for the upcoming GORBA Moyston Mallee Shield - Short Course event that is to be held on Saturday the 9th of September. 

There will be another Working Bee to be held on Saturday 2nd September, 2017 at 10:00am at the Moyston Track to tie up a few more jobs that need finalising.

Again we sincerely appreciate the dedication and support of all the volunteers who gave their time to lend a helping hand

I'd like to take this opportunity on behalf of all Club Members to give a special thanks to fellow Club Member -
David Davis, who was instrumental in creating the new and desperately needed Timekeeper Tower at the Moyston track.

David not only availed his time and services, he also donated the materials and built the tower. Such a generous and selfless show of paying it forward, for which we are most humbly grateful. (Not to mention the Time Keepers who can now sit in comfort).

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