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Test and Try Day - Sat 5th March 2016

Date: 19th February 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS
GORBA - Test and Try Day

Date:           Saturday 5th March, 2016

Time:           10:30am - 3:00pm

Location:       Avalon Race Track - Geelong Motorsports Complex, Beach Road, Avalon

Event Forms:

Below are the forms for you to check out or print off.

- Supplementary Regulations:    Click Here

- Entry Form:    Click Here

- Disclaimer Form for Competitors:    Click Here

- Disclaimer Form for Passengers:    Click Here

There is no need to send in your Entry Form, it can be all done on the day.  However, a phone call or email to Brooke letting her know that you're coming will be a great help for the canteen, and also if the day gets called off for any reason, we know you're coming so we can let you know of any changes.

In the meantime, you have any queries please be sure to contact Brooke.

M:  0425 832 251    |   E: brooke.mott@bigpond.com

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