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Christmas Greetings - 2018

Sincerely wishing all our Club Members a safe and joyful Christmas, shared with family and friends. We look forward to seeing you...


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Next GORBA General Meeting

Date: 22nd December 2018 | Category: GORBA NEWS
The next GORBA GENERAL Meeting is to be held on;

Wednesday 23rd January, 2019 @ 8:00pm 

Stay Upright Complex
(Traffic Safety Centre)
Breakwater Road
Geelong South

(Opposite the Geelong Show Grounds)

Our thanks to all Club Members who kindly attended our last General & Annual Meeting, held on Wednesday 28th November, 2018.

PS   As always, we sincerely appreciate you making the time and for your support and contribution. 

In the meantime, should you need to contact any of our Committee Members please be sure to go to our Contact Us page.

We look forward to another eventful and successful racing year.

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