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B H Kitchens Avalon Multi Club - Race Summary

B H Kitchens Avalon Multi Club  -  Saturday 12th May, 2018     Not dust as we are used to at Avalon but...


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Next Working Bee at Moyston - Sat 2nd September, 2017

Date: 24th August 2017 | Category: GORBA NEWS
HI Everyone,

A courtesy to advise there will be another Working Bee held at the Moyston Race track to finalise ongoing track updates, in order to have everything in readiness for our upcoming race event.

Details for the Working Bee are;

  Saturday 2nd September August, 2017

Time:      10:00am

 The Moyston Race Track

If you're able to attend, be sure to kindly let Greg Ryan know;

M:  0419 570 708    |   E
: gregryanbuilder@gmail.com
Author: GORBA