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Honey on the Rise

Date: 13th January 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Honey on the Rise....

At just 15 years old Lochlan Honey has accomplished more in motor sport than most can only dream. With eight years of competition under his belt, more than half his life, he's made the move into off road racing with the results starting to come. He finished his 2015 racing year by taking third outright and second in Pro class at the GORBA Avalon Club Day.

The Honey family’s motor sport pedigree spans three generations with Lochlan’s grandfather an avid speedway and circuit racer, passing the baton onto Jamie (Dad) who campaigned a sports sedan in circuit club sprints before moving from four wheels to two, to take on motor cross and the Finke Desert Race.

Motor cross was Lochlan’s first induction into motor sport. At just seven years old, Lochlan raced competitively at state and regional level events until, at 14, a series of crashes and a serious concussion left the family with no option but for Lochlan to retire from motor cross.

After campaigning motor cross for seven years and finishing in the top ten at state level and top five at regional level, as well as winning several club championship, the Honey family turned their sights to off road racing.

In September of 2014, at just 14 years old, Lochlan purchased his #71 Rivmaster from Sea Lake’s Stuart Crowe and set about the steep learning curve of going from two to four wheels. “Everything I’d ever learnt about riding was totally opposite when it came to the driving style required to drive a buggy” explained Lochlan. “Dad and I have now entered four events; the GORBA Short Course at Avalon in November last year was the first one which we went full race distance.”
Dad Jamie continued “we suffered a series of frustrating DNFs along the way, but it finally all came together at Avalon. I’m very proud of what he’s achieved at just 15; it’s a big commitment to prepare the buggy while he’s still at school.”

While Dad is happy to take control of the navigators seat and guide his young charge around the tracks, he isn’t afraid to admit that, on occasions, there has been some hair raising moments with Lochlan’s sometimes very lose driving style. They do, however, have a laugh when it's all over and finished.

As any offroader will attest, the driver and navigator are just one cog in the wheel that make up an offroad team. “A big thanks to all my family and friends whom travel big distances to help on race days. Their help and support makes our job easier; and it’s definitely more fun having them around.

“I’d really like to see more junior competitors in off road racing. Compared to motor cross, off road racing is way better value for money and the costs are pretty similar.”

2016 will see the team from Honey Motor Sport tackle the Mallee Shield Interclub Challenge Series, aiming to be the first junior to take out the coveted local series. “I’d also like to try the Pines event at the end of the year; they get some good cars there and I think it would be a great experience.”

Lochlan will be working hard to find a balance between racing and school work as his study load increases with his Year 10 commitments. “Lochlan wants to study mechanical engineering, specialising in chassis design and suspension construction, so he is going to have to work hard to maintain his grades” added Jamie. “However, not much can beat the practical experience he’s getting from working on the buggy.”

Lochlan is also focussing on his fitness, training in the gym with a personal trainer six times a week. “He’s also changed his diet, but now he’s putting pressure on his navigator to lose a few kilos” added Jamie.

The team from Honey Motor Sport would like to thank their racing partners for their ongoing support; Frankston Steel Supplies, ION Cameras, Vanika Industries, APS Performance Centre, Kaitlyn Jenning Fitness, Independent Race Cars, Sam Honey Hairdressing, BNB Engine Centre.

The above story was posted on the Offroad Racing Website on Wednesday, 13 January 2016  
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