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GORBA Working Bee - Avalon Race Track

Date: 29th May 2019 | Category: GORBA NEWS

Hi Everyone,

This is just a courtesy 'heads up' advising there is to be a GORBA Working Bee,
held at the Avalon Race Track in the coming weeks.

Please be sure to watch this space for updates of the time and date.

We're looking for volunteers armed with wheelbarrows, shovels and a sense of humour 
to avail a few hours in assisting with the laying of bricks and or pouring of concrete,
along with a few other general maintenance requirements, to keep the track and surrounds
in a presentable condition for our Members, family and friends.

For further information feel welcome to contact:

Greg Ryan  

 M:   0419 570 708   |    E: gregryanbuilder@gmail.com

Author: GORBA