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2016 - GORBA Avalon Mallee Shield - President's Overview

Date: 08th May 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Hi Everyone,

Another successful Avalon Mallee Shield event has been run and won.

A great days racing, very dusty but with the wind blowing from the north we had no problems with dust across the freeway.

Everyone in the pits looked like they had been in for a cheap spray tan by the end of the day. I also noticed a bit of red eye from some of the racers at presentation.

I would like to thank all of the competitors for coming down to Avalon for the day, no drama’s to speak of.

The Outright  Winners were;

1st         #  155    Eric Schlifelner
2nd        #  204    David Vallance and Branden Pearce  
3rd         #4412    Peter Sibson and Prudee Leffler   

 A great effort.

To all of the other class winners and finishers, well done.

Results will be posted on GORBA’s website and Facebook page soon.

I need to thank all the volunteers for their help during the event. Neil Clark and all of his recovery crews who do a fantastic job by making sure we are all ok when things don’t quite go to plan out on the track.

Ian from Tracklife for his medical prowess. I think we can all agree that it’s been a good day if Ian sits around and does nothing for the day. I haven’t heard of any medical issues that Ian was required for.

To all of the club members who stood outside and ate dust all day whilst directing traffic, waving flags or organising pits. To those who took care of timing in the new timing box.

To those who worked tirelessly in the Canteen all day to keep every one fed and watered.

To the people who shifted tyres around in the morning before we could race.

Also those that put up bunting and then pulled it down afterwards.

To the scrutineers and transponder fitters.

To the Stewards and Officials who got assessed by CAMS at the event and also to Travis our Clerk of Course and Brooke our Event Secretary.

On behalf of all of us who raced, thank you all very much.

One other person I would like to thank is Laurie Cushion from WDCC (Western District Car Club), for building and donating the Timing Box for all Clubs to use at the Geelong Motor Sports Complex. This is a fantastic building and we now have trouble keeping people out of it on race day as opposed to the old box that we always had trouble getting people into.

This event was also the first time that we've used transponders for timing at an actual race meeting. From all reports the system worked well and I sincerley thank Brett and Kerrie Price from VORRA for trialling this at our event. I don’t think this will be the last time we use this system.

Once again thanks everyone for putting on and supporting a great event.

Colin McLaren
President - GORBA
Author: Colin McLaren