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2019 Samba Metal Works Moyston Short Course

2019 - Samba Metal Works Moyston Short Course - 2019 Inter-Cub Challenge - GORBA Club Championship Event Date:           ...


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2018 - Teagle Excavations ARB Pines Enduro 400

Date: 24th September 2018 | Category: GORBA NEWS

Round 2 - 2018 Element Off Road AORRA SA Off Road Racing Championship
Round 6 - 2018 ARB Off Road Racing Series

Date:                 Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd September, 2018

Location:          Teagles Quarry, Tantanoola Pine Forest. Millicent, South Australia

Event:               Competitors are to complete x 10 laps over the 2 days
                           -  4 x  6 km laps on the Saturday - short course
                           -  6 x 60 km Laps on the Sunday - long course



The following Teams represented GORBA in this event.

We sincerely thank them all for their ongoing commitment and participation to the Club and the sport.


Class 1
(Buggies and Truggies with one or two crew members and naturally aspirated engines not exceeding 3500c

#117   David Middlemiss (D)  Dwayne Andrews (N)
           19th Outtright  /   4th In Class
           Completed 4 of 4 laps Saturday
           Completed 6 of 6 laps Sunday

#168   Bryan Jones (D) Prudee Leffler (N) Peter Sibson (N)

Class 7
(Super PRV having an engine capacity (Inclusive of any bube/super charging) not less than 1201cc and not exceeding 2050cc).

#774  Jason Forssman (D) Del Palmer (N)
          27th Outright   /  3rd In Class
          Did not complete 4 of 4 Laps Saturday - Broken Differential Housing
          Completed 6 of  6 laps Sunday

Class 10

(Buggies & Truggies with one or two crew members and a naturally aspirated engine not exceeding 2500cc).

#1006  Travis Conrad (D) Viv Rockliff (N)   
             47th Outright   /   5th In Class
             Completed 4 of 4 laps Saturday
             DNS Sunday - Engine


Event Details / Results

To check out all the results please    CLICK HERE

For more details on the event, be sure to go to: offroadracing.com.au/

Or be sure to check out our Facebook Page   CLICK HERE

We'd also like to acknowledge and thank the organisers, sponsors. volunteers, spectators, local community and Mother Nature for another great Offroad Racing calendar weekend.

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