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2015 MBL Sea Lake Mallee Rally Results Snap Shot

Date: 08th June 2015 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Hi Everyone,

Re.  2015 MBL Sea Lake Mallee Rally  held on Sat 6th and Sun 7th June, 2015.  (aka Queen's Birthday Weekend)

There were a total of 96 entries for the event on the day.

The following is the list of GORBA Teams (Drivers / Navigators)  who represented the Club;  (14 Teams in Total)

All up it was a great effort and a great representation of the Club.

Our congratulations to all of you, whether you be finishers or non-finishers.

The following is a snap shot of how our Members faired on the day.......

Car #     Team Results

# 51       Joe Carabott    
              Pro Buggy
              15th in Class  /  43rd Outright      
              Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.
              And he did it solo!!!!   Wooo  Hoooo!!!!

# 71       Lachlan Honey / Jamie Honey     
              Pro Buggy
              Unfortunately Team Honey were not able to compete the event on the day with a DNS.

# 117     David Middlemiss  / Brian Middlemiss  
              ProLite Buggy
              4th in Class / 11th Outright                     Finished in the Top 5 of the Class
              Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

# 169      Jason Munro  
               ProLite Buggy
               12th in Class / 35th Outright
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

# 198      Andrew Jennings / Matt Jennings
               ProLite Buggy
               13th in Class /  50th Outright
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

# 226      Chris Cachia / Jason Cachia
               Super 1650 Buggy
               15th in Class / 82nd Outright
               Completed 1 of 4 Laps required.  (Wheel Bearing) 

# 270      Tim Harris / Megan Harris
               Super 1650 Buggy
               10th in Class / 45th Outright        Finished in the Top 10 of the Class
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

# 508      Mark Deacon / David Teunnisen
               Performance 4WD
               8th in Class / 69th Outright          Finished in the Top 10 of the Class
               Completing 2 of 2 Laps required.
# 747      James Rooke / Lucy Rooke
               Production 4WD
               4th in Class / 54th Outright            Finished in the Top 5 of the Class
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps required. 

# 781      Glen Blacksell / Susan Blacksell
               Production 4WD
               3rd in Class / 53rd Outright           Congratulations.....Well done!!! 
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

# 798      Darren Ingram / Tanya Fisher
               Production 4WD
               1st in Class  /  49th Outright         Congratulations......Winners are Grinners!!!!!
               Completing 4 of 4 Laps Required.

# 812      Dean Bennett / Rebecca Bennett
               Extreme 4WD
               2nd in Class /  68th Outright         Congratulations.....Well done!!!
               Completing 2 of 2 Laps required.

# 915      Daryl Pearce
               Pro Buggy
               Unfortunately Daryl was unable to compete in the event due to Electrical problems on the day....              

# 2212     Branden Pearce / Clint Fisher
                Super 1650 Buggy
                11th in Class /  46th Outright
                Completing 4 of 4 Laps required.

Competitor List:

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Race Results:

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For more details on the event please visit the website  offroadracing.com.au/

Special Thanks to;

   -  The organisers, volunteers, and sponsors for as always, delivering another successful and enjoyable event.

   -   Fellow Club Member, Andrew Stoddart for reading out his "Ode' on Sunday morning at Driver Briefing.  
       If you missed it, or would like to read it, please  click here

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