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2015 GORBA Moyston Mallee Shield - Short Course - RESULTS

Date: 07th September 2015 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Event:  2015 GORBA Moyston Mallee Shield - Short Course

Round 2 - Geelong Club Championship Event (Round 2 of 2 Rounds)
Round 5 - Mallee Shield Inter-Club Challenge

Date: Saturday 5th September, 2015

Event Location: Moyston Race Track

Many thanks to all competitors for entering the event and making it possible.

Our sincere thanks to Murray Wood, (the land owner) for extending his hospitality and allowing us to use the track. 
We are most grateful.

Thanks also to fellow club members, sponsors, volunteers and families for their contribution and participation.


To check out the Outright Results please  Click Here

Club Championship Points have been uploaded to the Points Listing  Click Here

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