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Update - Round 3 - Avalon Short Course

Date: 09th November 2015 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Event:  Geelong Club Avalon - Short Course

Date: Saturday 7th November, 2015

Round 3 - Geelong Club Championship Event (Round 3 of 3 Rounds)

Event Location: Geelong Motor Sports Complex, Avalon Beach Rd, Avalon.

No. of Entries for Event:  20

COMPETITOR LIST.....   Click Here


Ist Outright       Car # 117    David Middlemiss / Ian Middlemiss  

2nd Outright     Car # 81     Tony Carabott / Chad Xeureb

3rd Outright      Car # 71      Lochlan HOney / Jamie Honey

4th Outright      Car # 261    Greg Ryan /Sarai Ryan

5th Outright      Car # 833    Daniel Hardman / Bill Tsaouris

CLICK HERE  to see the rest of the Class Results.


Sky Marcus for navigating Tim around the track in Car # 440.

Maria Nikiforoff for navigating Megan around the track in Car # 69

Sarai Ryan for navigating Greg around the track in Car # 261

Elysha Pearce
for navigating Brandon around the track in Car # 2212

Rebecca Bennett & Chloe Bennett for navigating Dean (aka Dad) around the track in Car # 812

Stephanie Elliott for navigating Fred around the track in Car # 814

Megan Marcus, Driver of Car # 69

Lynda Miller, Driver of Car # 99

Annie Greenman, Driver of Car # 888

Michelle Salau-Foster, Driver of Car # 777

(It would appear that 'girl power' instead of 'horsepower' is on the increase.....).

Mathew Nikiforoff / Karl Neil in Car # 390, duly noted for completing 2 laps......  The youngest driver of the day....

Baillee Bennett for navigating Dean (aka dad) around in Car # 812


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All those members and non-members for volunteering and availing their time in delivering another successful and enjoyable event.

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