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President's Thank You - Moyston Mallee Shield Event

Date: 07th September 2015 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Hi Everyone.

I just want to thank everyone involved with the event up at Moyston held on Saturday 5th September.

What a fantastic event it was, great weather, great track, great competitors and a fantastic atmosphere. Not to mention great helpers all weekend.

The whole event went like clockwork, thanks to all the volunteers. Everyone worked together as usual.

The Drivers Briefing started right on 9.30am and racing got underway on time and everything just flowed on from there.

A special thanks goes to Travis & Catherine Conrad for kindly donating all of the trophies for the event through their company “SAMBA Metal Works”. So if anyone needs any metal fabrication work done please give Travis a call and check out their website at  www.sambamw.com.au .

Thanks also to Murray Wood for the use of his land and his generosity all weekend. Hopefully we are welcome to come back for many years to come.

Thank you to the Ararat Car Club for catering for the event, apparently they ran out of food which I guess is a good thing. Hopefully everyone got something to eat. The food was top notch and they should be commended.

Thanks to the Moyston Fire Brigade for being onsite all day.

Thanks to Tracklife as well.

Special thanks to the all of the Recovery Crews, Timing Crew and all the Ground Crew running the pits or assisting with the start finish line well done.

Thanks also to Daryl Pearce for stepping up and becoming the CAMS Steward for the day when nobody from CAMS turned up.
And finally I want to thank someone who is always there and does so much work behind the scenes and on Saturday I think he must have walked and ran about 42 kilometers, so thankyou Tim Harris.

Again on behalf of the Club, my sincere thanks to everyone for making this a great event.

Colin McLaren
Club President
Author: Colin McLaren