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How's Andrew?

Date: 09th February 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS

Hi Everyone,

This is a courtesy to advise that it has been 8 months since fellow Club Member, Andrew Stoddart had his Kidney Transplant.

So how is he travelling you may ask?

Well, he's been able to resume work on a full time basis and is focussing on getting back up to speed in managing his busy daily schedule.

His kidney is functioning at approx. 35% and is stable.  There's no sign of rejection and he continues with ongoing check-ups and management of medications.

There's no further requirement for any Dialysis, which is a massive bonus.

All in all Andrew is quite active, feeling as fit as he has ever been, taking one day at a time and mindful to stop and smell the roses along the way. He's looking forward to spending quality time with his wonderful family and friends and maybe throw in a
few boating and camping trips along the way.

I'm sure you'll join in wishing him continued good health on his path to wellness.

Author: GORBA