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GORBA - Test And Try Day - Summary

Date: 07th March 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS
GORBA - Test and Try Day - Overview

This annual club event was held on Saturday 5th March, 2016 at the Avalon Race Track - Geelong Motorsports Complex.

There was a generous turnout of 17 entries on the day, which was a fantastic effort.

Our thanks to all  Drivers, Navigators, Pit Crews and Volunteers who attended and assisted in what was a most successful event.

Special thanks and acknowledgement goes to;

-  Travis Conrad for being our Clerk of the Course for the day.
-  Brett Price from VORRA, who kindly availed his services and allowed us to 'Test and Try' their Timing System.
-  Track Life for providing us all with the peace of mind being trackside.
-  Tim, Megan and Kelly for orchestrating the Canteen Team, who kept the tummies from grumbling.
-  Brooke Mott for her Secretarial prowess.
-  Tony Carabott and Colin McLaren - aka 'Team Gopher' for organising the setup required for the Timing System.
-  Neil for once again mustering up  'Team Recovery’.
-  Skye Marcus and Kieran Carabott for their assistance.
-  Dicko for being Dicko.  :-)

Whether you're a regular participator or first timer to our event, we hope you enjoyed the day.

As always, it's great to see family and friends attending our events, soaking up the atmosphere, watching the Teams make their machines dance around the track and putting up with the dust...   :-)

We wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing you next time.

(If we've left anyone out let us know.)

If anyone has any images of the day to please contact  Karen Fox @  karen@element7digital.com.au
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