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GORBA Entries and Results - 2017 -  Haeusler's Mallee Rally ARB 400

Date: 12th June 2017 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Event:       2017 -  Haeusler's Mallee Rally ARB 400

Location:    Sea Lake

Dates:        Sat 10th & Sun 11th June, 2017   (AKA Queen's Birthday Weekend)

Round 2 -   2017 Sunset Challenge
Round 3 -   2017 ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series

No. of Competitors:    98

We congratulate our Members on their results, whatever the outcome, and sincerely thank them for representing the Club.

The following is a 'snap shot' of the of the GORBA Members who competed in this year's event and their results.

Unlimited -
# 15     Jason Corless (D) / Paula Ward (N) 
 9th Outright / 6th In Class      FINISHED IN THE TOP 10 OUTRIGHT!!!
# 915   Daryl Pearce (D)   30th Outright / 11th In Class

Class 2

# 212    Branden Pearce (D) / Clint Fisher (N)   71st Outright /  12th In Class
# 266    Chris Cacia (D) / Jason Cacia (N)  83rd Outright / 16th In Class
# 268    Matt Coombs (D) / Dion Duvosin  (N) 
43rd Outright / 6th In Class     

Class 4
# 412     Peter Sibson (D) / Dee Farr (N) / Prudee Lefler (N)   15th Outright / 1st In Class     Well Navigated Prudee!!!!                  
# 440    Tim Harris (D)   42nd Outright / 3rd In Class        Podium Finisher!! 

Class 5
# 555   Gary Teunissen (D) / Lachland Mountjoy (N)   86th Outright / 6th In Class  (DNF Strut)   Bugger!
# 564   Richard McNay (D)  / Aaron Blacksell (N)  47th Outright / 3rd In Class       Another Podium Finisher!!
# 598   Dean Bennett  (D)/ Chloe Bennett  (N)/ Baillie Bennett (N)   
Unfortunately Did Not Start.

Class 6

# 660   Ian Terry (D) / Aaron Smith (N)   48th Outright  /  2nd In Class    Another Podium Finisher!!

Class 7

# 781   Glenn Blacksell (D) / Susan Blacksell (N)  49th Outright /  5th In Class

Class 8
# 814    Fred Parker (D) / Stephanie Elliott (N)   76th Outright /  3rd In Class    Another Podium Finisher!

Class 10
# 1017   Ian Middlemiss (D)   69th Outright / 6th in Class  (Gear Box)  Bugger!!!
# 1021   David Vallance (D)   52nd Outright / 5th In Class 
# 1069   Jason Munro (D)      25th Outright /  3rd In Class     And, Another Podium Finisher!

Hear the roar!   Well done everyone!!!!!


To check out the full Competitor List..   CLICK HERE


To check  out all of the Results for all Rounds.  CLICK HERE

Should you like to learn more details of this event, be sure to visit:  www.offroadracing.com.au

Our sincere thanks to the organisers, sponsors volunteers, the community of Sea Lake, families and friends for contributing to another awesome event.

We look forward to seeing you trackside at the next upcoming event.

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