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Bid for a Ride in a V8 Ute

Date: 14th October 2015 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Geelong Off Road Buggy Association is providing a unique opportunity to bid and win the chance to do a heat at the November event at the Geelong Motor sports complex at Avalon.

This will be in an actual race situation (not just a hot lap) as the Navigator with Tim Harris in the V8 mid engined ute that was built for the gruelling Australia Safaris, are you ready for a bit of hell raising fun, then start bidding.

The club are raising funds for the end of year presentation and awards night which will include the Victorian Offroad presentations.

Up for Auction is Heat 4 Navigator for Extreme 2wd # 440 at the GORBA November 7th 2015 event at Avalon Victoria.

There is an Auction for each of the 4 Heats.

To learn more about the Auction please  click here

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