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2016 - GORBA Moyston Mallee Shield - Short Course - Summary

Date: 12th September 2016 | Category: GORBA NEWS
Round 2 - Geelong Club Championship Event (Round 2 of 2 Rounds)
Round 5 - Mallee Shield Inter-Club Challenge

Date: Saturday 10th September, 2016

Event Location: Moyston Race Track

No. of Enries:   27 on the Day


-  Competitors List

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-  Results

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Congratulatons to all GORBA Drivers, Navigators and  teams and to the other fellow offroad Drivers, Navigators and teams,
for being a part of our annual event.

We trust you found the track to be challenging and you took away lots of 'memorable' moments..
Be the moments good, bad or otherwise,  always remember.....  'That's Racing'

Our sincere thanks also to the sponsors, committee members, club members, volunteers, family and friends for their participation and support.

Special thanks to Murray Woods for allowing us to hold the event again this year.  We are most grateful for your ongoing support and generosity.

We look forward to seeing you all at the start line in 2017.

In the meantime, always feel welcome to visit: http://www.offroadracing.com.au/ for updates on all things Offroad.....

Also be sure to check out our Facebook Page CLICK HERE 


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